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ISO Program and Structure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

ISO Program and Structure - Essay Example The similarity with guidelines gives confirmation to the partners that items and additionally administrations will work as wanted. The normalization started with the foundation of International Electrontechnical Commission (IEC) in 1906. Other significatn commitments in fields other than the electrotechnical field came through International Federation of the National Standardizing Associations (ISA) that was set up in 1926. In 1946, it was chosen to make another global association with objective 'to encourage the worldwide coordination and unification of mechanical principles'. Thus, ISO came in to being and formally began procedure on February 23, 1947. All individuals from ISO are dealt with similarly towards advancement of measures. Having one vote for each part paying little mind to the nation to which he/she has a place, ISO's exercises are completed in popularity based route at the key just as specialized and operational levels. ISO is a non-government association and as such all the principles that are created by ISO are not observed for usage as a feature of the administrative instrument. Be that as it may, numerous nations and affiliations, understanding the worth and effect of these gauges, have made it obligatory for organizations to go along in their separate nations. Market driven. Just those norms are create by ISO for which there is a prerequisite in the market. Norms are created by industry, specialized and advertise specialists and they are joined by other particular information bearers. Agreement. Since the measures are created when there is a market prerequisite, and are settled once agreement is acquired from the partners, this guarantee the wide spread acknowledgment once the gauges are out. ISO audits the norms once like clockwork to guarantee these stay current and forward-thinking. Wordwide. There are around 3,000 ISO specialized gatherings including specialized boards of trustees, sub-panels, and working gatherings having just about 5,000 specialists who take part towards improvement of ISO gauges and with their accord, the norms are finished. What makes ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 so Special ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 arrangement of guidelines have become the market's accepted principles for quality and condition the board. ISO 9000 is identified with quality administration to accomplish consumer loyalty and to meet administrative prerequisites by persistent improvement in quality. ISO 14000 is worried about ecological administration and discusses strategies and methods to decrease the destructive impacts on nature by associations. The greater part of the ISO measures are explicitly applied to an item, administration or a procedure. Conversely, ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 are nonexclusive administration framework principles. This implies same standard can be applied paying little heed to the size of the organization

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Shelly Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Shelly - Essay Example This story can be viewed as a purposeful anecdote about the subject nature versus support. It shows that even beasts are equipped for adoration and even an innocuous animal can be transformed into a beast, given the treatment that the individual gets from their maker or the individuals around the person in question. To give greater clearness to the topic, nature versus sustain, in Frankenstein, Shelly has utilized a lot of verbal symbolism including the pictures of shoot, light, desolate climate, remote settings, brutality lastly passing. The manner by which the storyteller in the story get cast away from legendary stories, which are extremely near nature and get drawn towards science which was somehow or another inverse to nature, is by viewing a lightning torching a tree to remains (Shelly, 56-58). Here, the light and fire is figurative of the change of the creator from being an individual interested essentially into somebody who has the certainty to order nature, who trusts in sup port instead of nature. Furthermore, when Frankenstein portrays his own internal story to his maker, the symbolism of fire is rehashed and the peruser hears the beast pondering about the idea of fire in the accompanying words: I found a fire†¦and was overwhelmed with enchant at the glow I encountered from it. In my satisfaction, I push my hand into the live coals, however immediately coaxed it out again with a cry of torment. How unusual, I thought, that a similar reason should create such inverse impacts (Shelley, 218). This is a significant delineation of the fundamental logical inconsistency required inside the malicious great pair, which can likewise be deciphered as an impression of nature-sustain duality also. Since in nature there is no abhorrent or great accordingly and they exist just inside an edge made by people. So it very well may be contended that malicious is a delayed consequence of sustain. What's more, the fire instructs that straightforward exercise to the be ast who is much the same as another conceived child ignorant of good and abhorrence, and who is simply figuring out how to step the earth and the scene of mankind. All through the story, individuals are seen looking for asylum around a wood discharge to talk, to comprehend the inconsistencies of life better (Shelley, 257). So also, there is likewise notice of the â€Å"feverish fire† gleaming according to Frankenstein in any event, when his wellbeing is bombing him (Shelley, 254). Here, fire is the existence power, the energy that keeps one alive. Fire is the limit among life and demise, among nature and support. Similarly, light is utilized as a symbolism that speaks to information where people withdraw from nature and enters the domain of sustain. This is the reason Frankenstein is seen seeing that â€Å"I started likewise to watch, with more prominent exactness, the structures that encompassed me, and to see the limits of the brilliant top of light which canopied me† (Shelly, 217). Again the reference to information is made when storyteller says, â€Å"as exemplified in the change from life to death, and demise to life, until from the middle of this haziness an unexpected light broke in upon me† (Shelly, 84). This was the snapshot of knowing the mystery of life. This was the purpose of change from basically carrying on with the nature to sustaining life. Be that as it may, a similar light becomes â€Å"oppressive† for Frankenstein since it is the developing existential information that turns into an insufferable revile for him (Shelly, 214). Also, this is the reason, towards the

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Customer Development Case Studies

Customer Development Case Studies © | Max GriboedovReading about the Customer Development model is all well and good. Blank’s book is full of valuable case studies that illustrate his points well. However, it is just as helpful to learn about how some of today’s most successful startups have employed the Customer Development model successfully. In this article, you will learn how two of today’s most successful startups used customer development Dropbox and Groove.CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT MODEL AT DROPBOXWhat is Dropbox?Dropbox is a file hosting service based in Silicon Valley. It offers both commercial and personal cloud storage of all sizes. Founded in 2007, Dropbox entered a very crowded market around the time that the cloud was beginning to explode. Unlike its competitors, Dropbox managed to capture huge swaths of the market and the service grew from 100,000 users to several million users in just 18 months. While this sounds like the typical tech explosion story, the difference between Dropbox and other companies is that Dropbox did this without doing any advertising.Dropbox uses the freemium model to draw in customers. It offers basic customers 2 GB of free online storage space and allows them to scale up to the paid service as needed. As of June 2015, Dropbox had captured 400 million registered users.The Problem at DropboxAt first, the Dropbox story sounds like a typical Silicon Valley fairytale. Founded by a couple of engineering students from MIT, it was accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator seed accelerator and saw rapid growth.It is true that Dropbox was growing. However, there were serious problems. The team at Dropbox had engineering experience but almost no marketing experience to speak of. The team was taking the advice of investors and mentors and using traditional marketing methods. Yet, these traditional marketing methods were not what was causing the company to grow. Essentially, Dropbox was throwing money away on marketing channels that were not drivi ng customers while still seeing a growth that was unexplained. Growth of any kind was good but it is hard to perpetuate that growth when it is unclear where the growth was coming from.The founders at Dropbox discovered Steve Blank’s Four Steps to the Epiphany as they were dealing with this problem. They then tried to use Blank’s method to learn more about their problem and attempt to come up with a solution.Four steps of the Customer Development model at Dropbox1. Customer Discovery at DropboxAs previously noted, Dropbox’s biggest problem upon launch was that they were trying to apply traditional marketing techniques to their business. However, they were not having any success with these techniques. Investors and friends were telling them that these were the tried and true methods for any business. They were under the impression that they should be launching early and launching often. These launches were supposed to provide a perfect product with all the right features. If the y could do this, then traditional advertising would work.What Dropbox learned was that it was more important to launch when they were ready rather than as early as possible. When they entered Y Combinator, the founders of Dropbox promised to have a fully functional product available for launch in only eight weeks. In reality, launch did not come for 18 months. While traditional wisdom would suggest that this would be the end of the business, Dropbox figured out that all of the learning and discovery that they did during those 18 months would be more important than getting a product out to the public. They needed to have a better idea of who their market was.What Dropbox realized it had to do was go back to finding their customers. To do this, they began to work closely with the customers that Steve Blank would call “early adopters.” They worked to put code together to send out to keen engineers â€" people just like them. The code they sent out was far from the finished product. However, this basic presentation of the product allowed Dropbox to confirm that the problem that it was attempting to solve was very real for its customers. Through the feedback it got from early adopters, Dropbox realized it was on its way to a real solution.One of the biggest lessons that Dropbox learned during this stage was that they could not just head to the forums where its audience spent its time. They also had to communicate with these customers in an authentic way if they wanted to get real feedback.2. Customer validation at DropboxDropbox had already come to the conclusion that they needed to learn early. They also quickly understood that learning was not a one-time event. They understood that if they really wanted to understand their customers, they needed to learn early and learn often.They created a private beta launch video for their early adopters. Because they knew where their customers were and how to speak to them, the video resulted in a waiting list that grew to 75,000 people in only a single day.Part of the reason that Dropbox was so successful during customer validation is because they used the product themselves. They knew that they had a problem and needed a solution. This does not always translate into a successful product. However, because the team at Dropbox were early adopters themselves, they knew where the other early adopters could be found. As a result, Dropbox decided to get out of the office and when they did, they knew where they could go to validate their assumptions.To get out of the office, Dropbox created a snapshot of their product. This was their minimum viable product. It showed the inherent value of the full product but did not include all of the bells and whistles yet. They sent this minimum viable product out to Hacker News, where their early adopters lived. The feedback they got was of very high quality. More importantly, the feedback they got validated their learning.Lessons LearnedDuring this time, the company b egan to see real pressure from investors to use more traditional methods. Reading Blank’s book, the company knew ostensibly that these methods would not work for everyone. However, the pressure that the young company faced was real and so they tried these methods anyway. Using these methods taught them an important lesson: they needed to keep their focus on what worked for their company and their market if they wanted to be successful.They also learned that the right market fit would cure them of several ills. In this sense, Dropbox were fortunate because since they were engineers, they knew how to create a great product that other engineers, early adopters, would use. Because they discovered the right market and had a great product, users grew. This was despite the fact that Dropbox had a poor website and was virtually invisible in the PR world. At this point, Dropbox also did not have any partnerships, extensive features or even good market positioning.All of these things make u p conventional marketing techniques. For Dropbox, they either did not have these techniques or these tactics had failed. Yet, the product was still getting to customers. The typical Dropbox customer journey looked like this:Customers would hear about Dropbox from a friend, not knowing that they needed this product.The customer would try it and realize that Dropbox solved a real problem that they weren’t acutely aware that they had.Thrilled about this discovery, these customers would spread the word to their friends about this happy surprise.Dropbox would come to learn that the techniques it was using were trying to harvest demand rather than drive demand. This was the difference between the steady growth it was seeing and the explosive growth that it would be capable of later. When it came time for customer creation, Dropbox would take the current customer journey and really begin to employ it effectively.3. Customer Creation at DropboxDropbox had its early adopters excited about its product. To stick to the Customer Development model, the company would have to begin to create its mainstream customer base. To get started, Dropbox created a landing page that was designed to capture interest before the official release of the product.This landing page was important because it gave a place for its current customers to refer their friends. Rather than driving demand through the mainstream media, Dropbox pivoted and found a way to facilitate these referrals by creating a solid landing page.Lessons learnedDropbox tried the cookie cutter approach. It failed miserably. It tried using paid searches. Its affiliate programs and display ads also failed. Dropbox also tried hiding the freemium option but realized that this did not always work successfully but more importantly, that it just was not cool. It did not build up trust with customers.All of this paid advertising failed but not because Dropbox was not acquiring customers. It failed because the cost per acquisitio n was needlessly driven up to $233- $388 for a product that only cost $99. The paid advertising was not drawing in customers but it was still costing them a lot of money. This balance was both unfavorable and unsustainable over the long term.What was working, however, was the word of mouth experiments. Not only was the referral system a lot cheaper than traditional marketing but it was also underdeveloped at the time. When Dropbox realized that the traditional methods were not working, it worked on giving its current users the tools they needed to help grow the business.4. Company Building at DropboxThis word of mouth referral program became Dropbox’s main marketing strategy. The program that Dropbox created offered a double sided incentive to give the current user incentive to share and encourage sign ups while also rewarded new users. The program started by offering both users an extra 250 MB of space for free.To make sure that this was the best way forward, Dropbox started to f ocus on data analysis and marketing. They hired someone with a data background to perform split tests to determine the best landing page optimizations, encourage sharing and analyze surveys. This investment in the analytics was a part of the “learn early, learn often” strategy that Dropbox had previously adopted.With all of these tools, Dropbox grew their user base from 100,000 users to four million users almost entirely through viral sharing and their word of mouth programs.The TakeawayDropbox learned two big lessons that contradicted the traditional wisdom that they were receiving from other sources. The first big lesson was to get something into the customer’s hands as soon as possible. Don’t worry about having a lot of features or making the product perfect. Putting a minimum viable product in the customers’ hands will ideally provide the feedback you need to propel the product forward in a viable way that is useful to customers.The second lesson was one of the biggest focuses of Blank’s book. Dropbox learned that it is important to create a strategy that reflects your market. Even if more “experienced” people question that strategy, stick to what you know about your customers and your market and give them what they want.CUSTOMER DISCOVERY VALIDATION AT GROOVEWho is Groove?Groove creates online help desk software for enterprises and small businesses. For customers, Groove’s software looks like an ordinary email service but offers features that allow it to be integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Groove decided to move away from the freemium model and now offers all of its features for $15 per user per month.The Problem at GrooveIn its early days, Groove was earning customers but it was unable to hold on to them. The CEO realized that the churn rate was hanging out around 3% and that was not something he could live with because it did not fit the company’s goals. The problem for Groove was not the churn rate itself but the fact that no one was sure why the churn rate was as high as it was.Four steps of the Customer Development model at Groove1. Customer Discovery at GrooveTo get to the bottom of its growing churn rate, Groove started by talking to customers. Groove’s CEO makes it clear that one of his biggest priorities has been to learn more about his customers. He goes through major efforts to collect client feedback in order to really learn about his product.To begin to approach the problem of the churn rate, Groove relied on exhaustive feedback to make sure the product was viable for the market. This feedback initially came from feedback surveys and onboarding emails sent out to new clients. However, this feedback was not enough to fix the problem.Unsure of what to do about this churn rate, Groove decided to dig into its metrics to see what was going wrong.2. Customer Validation at GrooveGroove’s CEO decided to get in touch with his customers. He started an email campaign that a sked individual for in-depth one-on-one conversations that would provide real feedback. At the time, Groove had around 2,000 customers and a lot of them had something to say about Groove’s model, business, product or customer service. The response to the initial campaign was overwhelming.Groove then set up an online calendar that allowed people to sign up for a phone call with the CEO. These calls were scheduled to be 10 minutes long and took place over phone or Skype. In addition to reaching out to customers, Groove was able to salvage relationships, forge new bonds and really validate the issues that laid behind Groove’s churn rate.Lessons learnedWhat Groove learned in the customer validation phase is that a business does not need to invest in exhaustive testing or expensive tools to get to know its customers. All you need to do is get out of the office and go to where your customers are with your hat in hand.They also learned that they would not get useful feedback by sending out surveys or asking leading questions. Instead, they structured the conversation based on the individual issues that each customer had. Rather than going into a call with a set of expectations, they went in to learn about the customer’s problems and validate what they thought they knew about that customer.As a result of 100 hours of phone calls with customers, Groove learned:It needed better second-tier onboarding.How to convert unhappy customers back into happy customersMore about the personalities that make up its customer baseHow to improve marketing copyTo make customer learning a habit by learning early and learning often3. Customer Creation at GrooveDuring this time, Groove was embarking on a mission to grow its customer base from 2,000 customers to 5,000 paying customers. The timeframe for this goal was 12 months. Until this point, the company was more focused on retaining current customers and putting out fires than on really growing its customer base.Over the first two years of its life, Groove found a great market fit and gathered a group of early adopters who loved the product. The foundation was already there â€" it was learned and validated several times over.To grow, Groove decided to focus on three big issues:1. Groove wanted to become the product leader in the SMB Market.The global SMB market contained 76 million players worldwide. Research validated that customers who were using other customer support software products hated the service they were getting. With a great product designed specifically for these customers, there was no reason that Groove could not grow to grab 5,000 of these customers.2. Groove needed to work on building a respectable and lasting brand.Groove knew it had a great product but a product is not enough. It needed to use its brand to drive interest from the right customer group.  To reach this customer group, Groove created the 100K blog where it documented its journey as a startup.3. Groove needed to be more focuse d on using data.Groove wanted to put a real focus on actionable data that would help them know what to expect when they made business decisions. Rather than hoping for luck, data analysis and collection could fuel growth systematically and help them achieve their 12-month goal.In order to focus on these issues, Groove had to scale its company. It could not make these transitions with its existing teams and processes. Thus, Groove moved into the company building phase to create an infrastructure that could support this attainable growth.4. Company Building at GrooveGroove needed to create a company that was capable of both driving new customers and handling these customers to make sure that their churn rate stayed low. They knew that they had to start by building the right time. The company decided that hiring and keeping the right employees was important because it was important that everyone was working towards the same vision. Groove wanted all of its employees to be working and t hinking as if they were a startup CEO.Groove also knew that it need to begin to work at a faster pace. Previously, the company had been stuck putting out fires and focusing on past and present problems rather than thinking ahead towards the future. To make sure that this pace occurred, they decided to set both quarterly and monthly goals designed specifically to reach the ultimate 12-month goal of growing to 5,000 customers.They also realized that there was a lot of infrastructure debt and bugs that were holding the company back. To move past this, the company decided to reexamine its resources and realistically consider how those resources could be better used.All of this resulted in a serious game plan for customer development and business growth the plan was bound take the following avenues:Blogging was the most viable channel that Groove was using. It decided to continue to pursue this channel aggressively.Groove decided to use the blog to drive a real online community.The blog would also become a valuable tool for driving organic SEO.Groove needed to figure out how to build a better solution for driving and processing referrals.Groove needed to figure out how to better integrate with future partners.Groove needed to drive product development within realistic timelines.Groove had to find a better way to convert more leads and nurture them through the sales funnel.The TakeawayGroove took away a lot of lessons from Blank’s customer development model. Groove takes the “get out of the office” advice seriously and really commits to it personally rather than trying to automate the process through expensive means. Ultimately, Groove knows that it needs to ask its customers if it has any doubts. This also is one of the biggest takeaways for Blank’s work.Groove also learned that this learning and validation was essential for growing the company. It employed a lot of what it learned in customer discovery and customer validation when it decided to grow its cu stomer base and scale its business. When Groove decided to grow, it put together plan that was appropriate for its market. As Blank says in his book, market fit cures almost all ills.

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Christianity the most Universal Religion - 791 Words

Christianity Christianity is the most universal religious belief in the world. Christians are divided into three different groups Orthodox (Eastern Countries), Roman Catholics and protestants (Europe, America, Australia). Also, there are hundreds of smaller groups called denominations. All the different groups don’t follow the same teachings but they all share the same beliefs. Christianity originated in Palestine, a Jewish province of the Roman Empire.The religion that is now known as christian has now spread all over the world. As converts to Christianity increased, the religion spread. The first century of the era was a time of suffering, revolution, and instability. Jesus of Nazareth was a phenomenal person who changed the lives of many. Jesus is the messiah, who brings death on the cross for our salvation sins. Jesus was born to the mother of Mary in the first century in Palestine. Mary was told by an angel that she would have a son of god. Peter one of the leaders of the early christians had a vision that a huge piece of cloth was getting let down by the god. The cloth was filled with animals, reptiles, and birds. Peter went with the messengers to Cornelius house to preach about god. The time period that Moses was born the hebrews in egypt were slaves. Pharoh demanded that all young baby boys must be killed so they dont fight against him . The mother had a plan and sent him in a basket across the nile river. Moses grew up as an egyptian prince because he wasShow MoreRelatedBuddhism and Christianity: Two Emerging Religions909 Words   |  4 PagesDue to the emergence of universal religions, a new idea known as syncretism started to emerge. T he Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the idea of syncretism as â€Å"the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.† (Merriam-Webster) However, in historical term, syncretism is defined as the accepted idea that was believed to enhance people’s willingness to adapt or adopt to a certain religion because of the appealing ideas. During the first millenniumRead MoreDifferent Kinds of Religions Essay1359 Words   |  6 PagesReligion is a topic that varies from person to person and culture to culture. Although religion is broadly defined as â€Å"the belief or worship of a spirit or god† (Hopfe and Woodward ), each religion of the world has their own beliefs and worship strategies that defines that particular religion. Across the world, religions have their own beliefs and rituals; however, they are all commonly linked with the tradition of beliefs, holy places of worship, and celebrations. While each contrasti ng world religionRead MoreEssay on The Spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire1117 Words   |  5 PagesFactors Which Led to the Spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire Christianity was not born in a vacumn. There were many social, geographical, historical and religious issues prevailing at the time of Christ and all of which were favorable to the spread of Christianity. Geograpicly, Christianity came into being in the Meditation world, the largest of the various centers of civilization at that time. Israel stands almost central to the five continents, dividingRead MoreThe Beliefs that Effect Christianity Essay1228 Words   |  5 PagesChristianity is a diverse religion with a multitude of beliefs that comprise the core of the religion. There are an abundant number of sects within Christianity however there are a few core principles which are generally true for all of them, for example the belief of the Holy Trinity or better known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is what would be considered a primary belief. A primary belief is an idea that is a generally universal idea that is accepted by all the differentRead MoreThe Effect of Religion on Education Essay656 Words   |  3 PagesThe Effect of Religion on Education Religion has played an important part in the development of education ever since the beginning, even before the creation of schools. The first schools, which were monasteries, started around the Dark Ages, approximately 450 A.D.; Back then, educations only purpose was to people of the religious persuasion, especially Christianity. Christianity is the religion that has most affected education, and so was the case back then, too. Those people I was talkingRead MoreChristian s As A Religion880 Words   |  4 Pagesdevotion set forth by its early followers there is, in my opinion, the last characteristic I feel that contributed greatly to Christian’s grow as a religion is this: leadership. It comes down to one last pivotal characteristic of the Christian religion, its fourth-fathers took the word of Christ and believed it should be taught to all. Unlike other religions the strict ideas of who and what had to be done to be a Christian were not there, it was simple to follow t he teachings of Christ, in the way bestRead MoreAP World History Compare and Contrast: The Spread of Christianity and Buddhism in the End of the Classical Period.909 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Compare and Contrast: The Spread of Christianity and Buddhism in the End of the Classical Period. World History AP Christianity and Buddhism are two different religions that developed and spread contemporaneously in during the Classical Period different territories. Both of them share some similarities as well as differences. Both of these religions were founded based upon different principles taught by different people; in Buddhism’s case Gautama Buddha a thinker and in Christianity’sRead MoreChristianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, And Confucianism1472 Words   |  6 PagesReligions have always been extremely varied. This is true due to an ample amount of external factors, such as location. Is it possible that there is at least one universal idea, present in all of them? This is largely a personal interpretation, as â€Å"common ground† (universal ideas) has a large spectrum of meanings, ranging from â€Å"kind of similar if you look at it in the right fashion†, to â€Å"exactly alike†. In any case, there are many examples, and counterexamples of universal ideas between the â€Å"main†Read MoreChristianity And Buddhism And Christianity1468 Words   |  6 PagesChristianity and Buddhism exist as two of the predominant religions throughout the world. While Buddhism ranks around fifth in number of followers of religions, it is the third most widespread religion behind Christianity and Islam. Buddhism and Christianity are arrantly distinct in their principle standpoints: Buddhism rejects the existence of a greater being and Christianity proudly professes the power of a universal God. However, despite this rigid dissimilarity, both religions developed and spreadRead MoreJudaism, Islam, and Christianity Essay1687 Words   |  7 Pages Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are some of the religions that most individuals can relate to, being the three largest religions in the world. Like many religions they share many differences and also some similarities. One difference that these religions hold is their view of Jesus Chri st. Similarities are surprisingly common to find among some religions because of the basis they put on one another. Some similarities between these religions include: belief of monotheism and the influence of Zoroastrianism

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Commitment Trap - 1030 Words

With regards to Vietnam under Kennedys presidency, there are many arguments both for and against the idea of commitment trap, Kennedy certainly escalated military involvement in Vietnam but did he have a choice? Or had his predecessors committed him in Vietnam long before he came into the Whitehouse? There is no doubt that Johnson was the one who fully placed ground troops in Vietnam in 65 and created his legacy of Johnsons war, but did any of the previous presidents give him any other option except to stay? Also, was there any evidence of any moments when they couldve pulled out? The commitment trap theory is widely acknowledged, with regards to Vietnam, by historians as it explains many of the extreme actions that were undertaken†¦show more content†¦Another factor that would imply that Eisenhower was the president who committed America in Vietnam would be that his Secretary Of State, John Dulles, set up SEATO, the South-East Asia Treaty Organisation. The SEATO signatories agreed to help South Vietnam, which would suggest by the overall setting up of an organisation, that is inevitably for the aiding of South-Eastern countries, that Kennedy was trapped in Vietnam. Kennedy, who was already seen as too young and naive to be a leader of one of the most powerful countries of the century, would be less likely to withdraw from such a major organisation that his predecessor created. However, were there any moments when Kennedy couldve pulled out? In short, yes, Diems continuous uncooperative and unpopular nature meant that Kennedy couldve intervened a lot sooner than Diems overthrow in 1963. But, having helped dispose the South Vietnamese Leader meant that America were fully obligated to support the next successor. The US colluded in Diems assassination because with Vietnam being the first caught-on-camera war, American media covered many events that portrayed Diems to be a bad and unpopular leader. American citizens watching the Buddhist protests in cities such as Saigon perceived Diems regime to be quite heartless because they were shocked to see Buddhist monks burning themselves to death in protest against the totalitarian regime under control of Diem, however, Kennedy made theShow MoreRelatedSummary : An Inner Path Of Leadership 1327 Words   |  6 Pagesconsciousness and his behavioural attitude towards life. He explains the three basic shifts of mind re quired if we are to create and discover an unfolding future - shifts in how we see the world, how we understand relationships, and how we make commitments. Jaworski assumes that a real leader can guide his own pathway based on â€Å"predictable miracles† which creates synchronicity. When we dedicate our efforts on shaping our future we can emerge through the barriers within us and connect with people toRead MoreMotivational Interviewing : Motivation And Process1686 Words   |  7 Pagessecond phase is negotiating a plan and consolidating commitment. It is important to understand the traps that can be encountered within this process, such as the question/answer trap. In this trap the client is led by the counselor with little chance to have free speech to explain themselves because the counselor is just focused on the next question instead of focusing on where the client is leading them. This trap is very similar to the expert trap in the fact that the client is left to believe theyRead More`` What Athleticism Is This, That Those Her Golden Tresses By Edmund Spenser989 Words   |  4 Pageswomen trap men into a, â€Å"golden sn are† (Gardner 462). At this point in the poem Spenser is using the literary element of metaphor to describe women. By drawing a comparison to a woman’s attire as gold, Spenser is illustrating that women have an alluring surface from the perspective of men. Gold is known to allure people and that is what has made it such a historically valuable commodity. Men are attracted to a woman’s surface features in the same sense. He also alludes to women using this to trap menRead MoreThe Moral Decision Making : An Ethical Decision1517 Words   |  7 Pagesdecisions to our ethical codes and standards. Truly, one unethical decision can do extraordinary damage to Airmen, their families, units, the Air Force, and public perception and support. As a leader, I am more proud of my commitment to our ethical standards and my commitment to making ethical decisions. When all is said and done, I would prefer that those who knew me closest spoke more of my ethics than of my critic al thinking. As such, this desire to remain ethical is what drives ethics to beRead MoreLesser Developed Countries1028 Words   |  4 Pagesdespite vast amounts of foreign aid. Collier makes the argument that while much of LDCs are becoming wealthier, this isn’t the case in Africa and Central Asia who is stuck due to four development traps. Seventy percent of the bottom billion is in Africa. According to Collier, the first trap is the conflict trap. He claims that 73% in the bottom billion are in or have been in a war like conflict, almost always an internal civil war. Countries with high rates of poverty are more likely to break out inRead MoreEthan Frome : Themes In Edith Whartons Ethan Frome966 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the novella, Edith Wharton displays a continuous theme of trapped by expressing Ethans temptation to love Mattie but cannot because of his commitment to Zeena which makes him feel like a prisoner. Wharton depicts the theme trapped throughout the novella by regretful marriage, forbidden love, and moral principal. Marriage, a lifelong commitment, can lead to misery if not taken seriously. â€Å"Somebody had to stay and care for the folks. There warnt ever anybody anybody but Ethan. Fust his father-thenRead MorePros And Cons Of Motivation Interviewing1598 Words   |  7 Pagesskill more often during the second round demonstrating appreciation of her efforts, her emotions and feelings as well as her strengths at work. For example, recognizing her work ethic as a strength allowed me to not only empower her but to create commitment during the session for the end goal. Motivational interviewing reflections can be simple or double-sided, both of them have the function of leading to deeper understanding of the client’s perspective, serve as channels of clarification and theyRead MoreThe Defense Of Homeland Security1126 Words   |  5 Pagesare three specific areas that were plainly spelled out: †¢ Permits pen register and trap-and-trace orders for electronic communications (e.g., email); †¢ Authorizes nationwide execution of court orders for pen registers, trap-and-trace devices, and access to stored email or communications records; †¢ Treats stored voice mail like stored email (rather than like telephone conversations) Applying a pen register and trap-and-trace to emails became a big deal for LE officers who were suspicious of someoneRead MoreEssay on Global Warming is Causing Climate Change535 Words   |  3 PagesGlobal warming is the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature. Naturally occurring gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and water vapor trap heat from the sun, preventing it from leaving the atmosphere. These naturally occurring gases along with human made hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs), per fluorocarbons (PFCs), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) are collectively known as greenhouse gases. This essay will explain why global warming is fast becoming a cause for concern and whyRead MoreNokia Case Analysis : Nokia1586 Words   |  7 Pagesobserve human behavior and exploit a local market. Nokia developed handsets tailored to local conditions instead of offering low-end handsets to price conscious customers, which enables Nokia to capture more market demand an d maintain profitable. †¢ Commitment to Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Nokia committed to developing technology that can help bridge the communication gaps between various communities around the world. Nokia has been devoted to bring new opportunities to developing world. Life

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Externalities Of Water Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay Free Essays

Hu Siyi, frailty curate of H2O resources, said that serious rivers pollution and the deteriorating aquatic ecology are â€Å" rather outstanding † and may endanger the state ‘s sustainable growing. This essay is speaking about the outwardnesss of H2O pollution in China. The outwardnesss mean the outside effects of activities, negative outwardnesss mean the bad consequence. We will write a custom essay sample on Externalities Of Water Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now The outwardnesss are created when societal costs and benefits differ from private costs and benefits. For illustration, a chemical works may dump waste into a river in order to minimise its costs. Further down the river, a H2O company has to handle the H2O to take unsafe chemicals before providing imbibing H2O to its clients. Its clients have to pay higher monetary values because of the pollution There are 4 chief solutions of authorities intercession of outwardnesss: First intercession is Regulation which means authorities regulations on how much pollution allowed. Second intercession is Widening Property Rights which means authorities gives those who are injured the right to action. Third intercession is Taxation which means authorities Shifts the cost to the consumers. The 4th intercession is permissions which means authorities determines how much of an outwardness should be allowed in society, divides those effects into units, so issues licenses which than be traded and sold between companies. First, the H2O pollution in China is extraordinary serious It is showed by China Daily, which was established in June 1981 and has the widest print circulation of any English-language newspaper in the state ( over 500,000 transcripts per issue, of which a tierce are abroad ) that 40 per centum of Chinese rivers were earnestly polluted and unfit for imbibing after 75 billion tones of sewerage and waste H2O were discharged in 2010. As the consequence the serious H2O pollution have increased the hazard of disease and malignant neoplastic disease. For Industrialization. In a figure of pollutants released by TVIEs ( township-village industrial endeavors ) have been linked to inauspicious wellness effects. In China overall, liver and tummy malignant neoplastic disease deceases have doubled since the 1970s, and are now the taking causes of malignant neoplastic disease mortality in rural China. China now has the highest liver malignant neoplastic disease decease rate in the universe. When TVIEs in more contaminated countries are examined, they show a general addition in malignant neoplastic disease mortality. Harmonizing to the figure of Cancer mortality from H2O pollution. It besides shows that malignant neoplastic disease mortality in contaminated countries has been steadily increasing over clip. Although diet and alcohol ingestion may play a function in the increased malignant neoplastic disease rates, environmental factors are besides relevant. ( Wu, 2006 ) . For agribusiness, in malice of the increased usage of fertiliser, merely 30 % of fertilisers applied to agricultural harvests are used efficaciously Despite the increased usage of fertiliser, merely 30 % of fertilisers applied to agricultural harvests are used efficaciously. As a consequence, nonpoint beginning pollution has been declining dramatically. Surplus usage of fertilisers, and the discharge of human and livestock body waste into the lakes of intensively farmed states are taking to lakes eutrophication ( overloading of H2O organic structures with organic stuffs and foods, which helped algal blooms and consume the O available for aquatic beings ) . The proliferation of algae has affected H2O supply beginnings and forced the impermanent closing of H2O workss, which are turning in fresh water. For illustration, Taihu, which is the 3rd largest fresh water lake in China, has become a major sink of agricultural and rural wastewaters generated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. As a consequence Algal blooms are the factor of a far more serious menace to human wellness, More than 80 % of 480 algae samples taken from surface Waterss collected throughout China produced unwellnesss. and the inordinate usage of fertilisers besides a important issue of a far more serious menace to human wellness. Second, H2O pollution have caused serious H2O deficit and H2O deficit have given many negative outwardnesss to Chinese life and China ‘s economic system About Chinese life: Because of the big population the demand of H2O in China is extraordinary monolithic. With a population of 1.3 billion people, China consumes more than 600 billion three-dimensional metres of H2O every twelvemonth, and about three-fourthss of its functional H2O resources. It is reported by the Ministry of Water Resources that the mean per capita of H2O resources is merely 2,100 three-dimensional metres each twelvemonth, or about 28 per centum of the universe ‘s mean degree. About two-thirds of Chinese metropoliss are water-needy, while about 300 million rural occupants lack entree to safe imbibing H2O, taking to a national H2O deficit of over 50 billion three-dimensional metres on norm every twelvemonth ( Hu, 2012 ) On the other manus. When the demand of H2O is more greater than the supply of H2O in China the monetary value of H2O in China will growing somewhat. In north of China H2O deficit is more serious than other topographic point in China, so the monetary value in North of China is higher than others, as a consequence people who live in North of China should pay more money on H2O, the high monetary value of H2O will add force per unit area to the people and people will hold less money to purchase or devour goods and services, this phenomenon give negative effects to China ‘s economic system. Meanwhile, Uncountable industries in China besides consume much H2O. For illustration, Beijin, which is a 1 of the biggest metropoliss in China, which has several H2O job consumed 3.06 A- 108 m3 H2O in 2008. Consequences from fake scenario illustrated that, due to the utmost H2O scarceness state of affairs, industry in Beijing would still confront a serious H2O shortage job even with a really optimistic scenario for the hereafter It is said by Hu who is the president of China that the H2O deficit will acquire worse in the hereafter, Unless we take decisive and mandatory steps to halt the over-exploitation activities, . So Chinese authorities chief usage Regulation, which means authorities regulations on how much pollution allowed to work out H2O deficit. It is announced by local authoritiess that Adding to the state ‘s H2O safety force per unit area are ambitious development programs In 2012, which experts say will necessarily greatly increase H2O demand for industrial and residential usage. Furthermore the State Council, or China ‘s cabinet, unveiled a guideline on Thursday to modulate the usage of H2O under â€Å" the strictest standards, † cresting the maximal volume of H2O usage at 700 billion three-dimensional metres by the terminal of 2030 and China will work to maintain its entire volume of H2O usage below 670 billion three-dimensional metres in 2020.. Besides, the authorities will dispatch its supervising over development of belowground H2O, farther protect beginnings of imbibing H2O, and reconstruct the aquatic ecological system by presenting water-use licences and other steps. ( Hu, 2012 ) The cardinal authorities has planned 4 trillion kwais ( $ 634.9 billion ) of investing in H2O resources preservation undertakings over the following 10 old ages, of which 1.8 trillion kwais will be invested during the 2011-2015 period. Now China faces a tougher state of affairs in H2O resources in the hereafter as demand increases amid the state ‘s rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, an functionary said Thursday at a imperativeness conference, China besides get in problem because of H2O deficit. The Chinese authorities has already made a committedness to salvaging the state ‘s quickly depleting H2O resources. but how to set up a legislative and regulative mechanism, every bit good as a policy model to steer the dearly-won attempts of H2O pollution control is besides a large challenge for Chinese authorities How to cite Externalities Of Water Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay, Essay examples

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Flight Attendants free essay sample

Many years ago, a special gift came to me in an interesting way. When I was a small boy, I enjoyed playing in my garden. One day, I found a hole in the wall of my garden. It was near the ground, so I could not see through the hole, but I knew that behind the hole was my neighbour’s garden. Who made that hole? I felt really interested, so I used rocks to make the hole wider. One day, when I was trying to break through the wall, I noticed a small hand appear from the hole. The hand was holding a rubber sheep. It was pink and it had wide eyes. I caught the rubber sheep. Then I pushed my favourite wooden truck through the hole to give that child on the other side. Sometimes I bought toys with my lucky New Year money. A long time later, when I was old enough to go out, I went around the corner to find the child who gave me that special gift, but nobody was in that house. My neighbour said that a girl used to live there, and she was the same age as me. I never found her, but her gift has a special meaning for me. One of the best cities to visit on the East coast of the U. S. is Washington, D. C. D. C. tands for District of Columbia, meaning that Washington is a special area that governs itself and is not contained in any of the 50 states. It has some of the most interesting landmarks and tourist spots in the country. There are many monuments to visit, such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Washington Monument (the tallest building in Washington). For more excitement, the area called Georgetown is famous for its shopping centres, restaurants, and nightclubs. Finally, there is the White House tour. On this tour, people actually walk through many rooms and view the home of the president of the U. S. Washington, D. C. , might not be as large or as famous as other U. S. cities, but it has an appeal all its own. 1 Paragraph 3 A CAREER IN THE SKY If you are looking for an interesting career, think about becoming a flight attendant. First of all, flight attendants receive a large amount of training for their job. Careful training is necessary for this career. They learn about interpersonal skills, customer service, and safety. Second, every time flight attendants go to work, their scenery changes. They could be in Bali one day and Hawaii the next. They even get to stay in one or two days in a city before flying home. This may cause them to suffer from homesickness. In addition, flight attendants get bargain prices on airline tickets for vacation. Imagine spending no more than ten dollars for any flight in the U. S.! Finally, flight attendants get to meet a wide variety of people from all over the world. For a truly exciting career, consider becoming a flight attendant because the benefits are worth it. Paragraph 4 AN One of the people that I most admire is my great-grandmother, Carla. She came to the U. S. from Italy in 1911 as a young woman on a large ship. Soon after landing at Ellis Island in New York, she began working as a seamstress in Brooklyn. She met and married my great-grandfather not long after that. They immediately began their large family. Great-grandmother Carla had eight children – five boys and three girls. In addition to taking care of such a large family in a new country, my great-grandmother survived discrimination as an immigrant, two world wars, the Great Depression, and a long list of illnesses. However, she rarely complained, and she was very happy with her new life in America. America has surely brought her with happiness. Whenever I think of my great-grandmother Carla, I am always filled with admiration for her. 2 Paragraph 5 Â  I am a Thai girl living in the U. S. , and there are many adjustments that I must make. First of all, I must get used to a new kind of food. I am learning to eat a lot of hamburgers because they are not expensive and they are easy to buy. The people are different and I am learning to meet new foreign friends. For example, two of my friends are from Pakistan. Pakistan is also an interesting country to visit. The weather requires another kind of adjustment. Some days, it is hot just as in my country, but on other days it is very cold and this is very strange for me. I came to the U. S. to study and I enjoy my classes and my teachers. I am adjusting to the U. S. in many ways, but it is not a problem for me because I like to know about different places and people. Paragraph 6 When you drive into the airport, you will see many signs for the different terminals. After you pass the signs, you will drive over a hill. The airport is on the other side of the hill. On your right, you will see the international terminal. This terminal is two stories tall. The front is all glass. On the left, you will see the domestic terminals Paragraph 7 My favourite restaurant is an old house. It is very convenient because it is in my neighbourhood. We can drive, or if the evening is pleasant, we can walk. It has a nice atmosphere and friendly service. We know some of the waiters and waitresses so we enjoy talking to them because they ask us about our children. We especially like the decorations. The walls are soft yellow, and candles and fresh flowers are on the tables inside and outside. Finally, the food is excellent. The cook is the owner and he makes delicious dishes with fresh ingredients. We always enjoy our meals. Paragraph 8 My favourite restaurant is an old house. My husband and I enjoy eating there on summer evenings. We usually walk from our house so we can enjoy our neighbours’ gardens and get a little bit of exercise. The afternoon sun shines through the trees but it is not too bright. We arrive at dusk, and if we are lucky, we can sit outside. The wai ter brings a basket of warm bread and a cold drink. We have an appetizer or a salad while the sun goes down. Then the waiter lights the candles while we enjoy the main course. By the time we finish dessert, it is night time. We walk home slowly, feeling full but happy in the moonlight.